Jocelyn: “I believe art signifies intention, mainly from a human perspective. A subject or color scheme all show a specific purpose, even if it is solely for being pleasant to look at. Animals and robots cannot create art because they don’t really understand what they are creating. You can look at a piece of art and question the intention of the artist behind the piece, but that wondering becomes nonexistent when you realize a piece was created by AI or an animal.”

Luke: “I think art can be anything. It has no definition. Art can be a broken bridge, art can be a plate of food, art is everything and anything. Where some see insignificance, others see perfection. It boils down to the individual, we all see and feel differently, and that itself is art.”

Brian: “To me, art is anything where someone expresses themselves creatively but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy a good portion of it. For example, I don’t like a majority of expressionism pieces because I feel like they lack effort and or talent. There is something special about pieces that are aesthetically appealing to the eye like the Pop Art movement or fantastically detailed pieces from Baroque or Rococo or Neoclassicism that just catch my eye and make me wonder how long each piece took to make or what the artists inspiration was when they created it.”

Nick: “Art is any medium that conveys an expression, feeling, or information to the recipients, so long as it leaves room for non-literal analysis and observations. This can range from the most intricate and elaborate pieces of painted art, to even a movie poster or coupon with a unique design. Relaying a message to people without literally saying it makes for art, as the viewer can look at whatever medium the art has been created in and attempt to think “How is this supposed to make me feel?” By such definition, AI art still is art, although without the emotional complexities of humans behind it, the result is often soulless, even if visually appealing.”

YB: “Art is universal everywhere, logos and music and everything you see and hear every day is art. Someone behind that, created it and that is their art, their creation. Art was the first caveman drawings up to the AI and computer technology creating art now. People developed technology to recreate great artwork, which itself can be considered art. People had to develop the skills to write the codes and build the machines to recreate art. But it should certainly be defined and differentiated as an art that was created via technology, as compared to those via the human touch, which in my opinion has greater meaning and feeling.”

Anthony: “Art in a general sense, to me, is pure expression. Regardless of the media in which art is represented, it is a direct way for artists to express emotions, ideas and self identity. Art can be intentional to drive viewers to one direction of understanding, but ultimately can allow someone to discover their own path toward understanding what they are looking at and how it makes them feel. In my opinion, great art is genuinely thought provoking and allows you to have your own interpretations of both the art shown and the artist themselves. Although AI generated art can be captivating at first sight, it lacks a certain quality in which a story is told behind the art. AI simply does not have the true social awareness needed to make relatable or honest artwork.”

Adam: “When you look at most words in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary there are usually one or two descriptions, when you look up the word Art there are 10! In my opinion art is different to everybody, if 2 people classify music as art I am pretty sure that their views of why music is art will be completely different. To me art is a unique expression from an individual or group of people, whether it is painting, breakdancing or sculpting. “

Todd: “A personal interpretation of visual or musical expression by using imagination and creativity.”