As a business, customer service and response time are critical for maintaining a positive rapport with your clients and customers. A personal experience regarding a popular airline inspired this blog post to discuss the importance of positive customer interactions and how cost transparency and accommodations will keep customers returning to utilize your business.

Two days before they were scheduled to check in, a family of four (with two children) were finalizing arrangements for their upcoming trip to Disney. They thought everything was going to plan when they realized that they would only be guaranteed to sit together on the flight if they paid an extra 85 dollars per seat (estimating $340 in total).
Two days went by and the family finally went to check in at 5:30 in the morning. The woman behind the counter seemed to be more interested in talking about her personal experiences the night before with her coworker than giving the family her attention. When asked about the cost and weight of the bags, the worker went on to say that the family had to pay an extra 99 dollars for an extra 8 pounds in the bag. They were given the option to check another bag for 49 dollars, however, they didn’t have another bag to pack the remaining weight into. They reluctantly paid 99 dollars for the added 8 pounds in the bag.
Two days before leaving, they received another email, saying they were not guaranteed to sit together despite being told so, so to sit together, it would be an extra 149 dollars. Taking into consideration all these additional costs, they could have flown business class on another airline for cheaper.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon experience for people taking flight trips this year, and the effect of hidden fees and costs can be financially taxing for unsuspecting travelers. Spirit Airlines, the popular airline company that this specific family chose to fly on their trip, is a top culprit for forcing passengers to pay unexpected fees for their luggage and seating options before boarding.

We understand the occasional frustrations involved with traveling and spoke about these issues in a previous blog post Airport Aggravation.

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