Today’s Superior Website Hosting Option

With all the options available on who to host your website with, there are many factors that must be taken into account on how to keep your business’s online presence alive. It is possible you could take matters into your own hands and try to host yourself, but what happens when the required hardware powers out, when complicated updates are required, or when a security breach occurs?

Luckily, a lot of these problems have already affected others, and solutions have been found! Many huge tech companies own a lot of computer real estate, and have massive servers that run their websites and business. After a while, these companies decided to section off some of their servers for other companies to rent out – at a price.

This has become known as “cloud computing” and has become the norm for hosting.

Why We Use Google Cloud Hosting

King Willy relies on Google cloud services and Google hosting for all of our client’s websites, and we could not recommend anything else. All the problems associated with hosting on your own accord are completely eradicated when hosting with Google. In the event of a power outage or security breach, Google keeps you safe in all regards and ensures that your website will not go offline as their servers are made to be fail-proof.

Google’s Myriad of Upsides

  • Google is the leader in search engines, and many customers look for prospective services or products via Google.
  • Google has advanced algorithms and technologies that allows for any related information on your website to appear on their search engine when searched for by a potential customer or client.
  • Google hosting is also incredibly fast due to their easily accessible, worldwide servers. If Google’s servers were only located in, for example, California, then we would be talking about a different “cloud computing” company.

At King Willy, we strive to be the best and partner with the best. King Willy is a proud Google Partner and proud to use Google cloud hosting.

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