In the last year and a half, there have been some huge and may be even permanent changes across various industries. The marketing sector in particular, has experienced a shift towards various trends such as video and social media marketing since 2020. Due to the pandemic, more and more businesses began to increase their investment in digital marketing platforms to meet the demands of consumers.

With the world shutting down for most of 2020, there was a huge change in consumer behavior as people took to shopping online or via applications. According to a report, digital sales across the globe went up to $4.2 billion which was a significant increase from 2019.

Since this trend will most likely continue in the future, you need to focus on coming up with digital marketing strategies that lead to high conversions and sales. In a post Covid19 world, this could really be your savior.

Why Digital Marketing?

Before moving on to the discussion about digital marketing and its potential long term benefits, it is important for you to know why this is so crucial. While traditional marketing methods such as billboards and flyers do work well, specifically for B2B businesses, digital channels such as social media networks and websites are becoming critical.

If you want to catch the attention of your target audience, you need to focus on coming up with a well-designed ecommerce platform or website and optimize it. Think of it this way. At any point in time, there are billions of people searching for products or services and given the competition, you need to stand out. Your web page is also an essential part of your branding and should prominently feature the logo design, fonts and brand colors. If you haven’t gotten one yet, then getting your business logo designed for your brand identity is a priority.

It is one of the first things that the audience is likely to look up or notice about a business. With an effective digital marketing strategy, you have a higher chance of success and growth. In today’s world, a number of people check out web pages or social media accounts before paying a visit to the store as well.

How Can It Be Your Savior Post Covid19?

It is not really difficult to see the impact that digital marketing is having on brand and business expansion. As Covid19 restricted the ability of shoppers to move around, marketers had to become innovative and attract their attention in other ways. From gamification to augmented reality and TikTok trends, brands have managed to effectively convey their message and reach out to the audience in the comfort of their homes.

Digital marketing has allowed for more flexibility and made it possible to achieve desired results and goals in a short span of time. These are a few ways that it can help you increase revenue and maintain a steady bottom line in a post Covid19 world.

  • Changing Customer Preferences

In the future, shopping is expected to become a personalized and highly efficient experience for the customer. If you take a look around, you will see that businesses are assessing customer personas and creating a highly focused shopping experience for their audience. For example, Amazon has been following a model where they base their product recommendations according to the purchases.

There are a lot of websites that ask specific questions from first time visitors and help them navigate accordingly. This has led to an increase in people preferring to shop online. If you think about it, the new normal will likely go on after the pandemic as well which is where digital marketing is going to become your savior.

 According to a study by Google, in the coming year, marketers should be focusing on a few key trends which show what the consumers want in the future. They expect value for their investment and time, and make their purchasing decision after considering all the features and pricing. Most people are even window shopping online so that gives you an opportunity to engage and interact with them successfully.

  • Easier To Track Results

Given the various analytical tools and platforms that you have access to today, it is no surprise that businesses have been able to track their progress in real time. Digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization or pay-per-click ads allow brands to get a better idea of their return on investment.

With email marketing for instance, you can get $42 on every $1 which is one of the highest ROI in the marketing industry. It has become a lot easier for businesses to track their results immediately and analyze the data for the best strategies quickly. Since you don’t have to wait for the results of your marketing plan, you can focus on areas which need improvement and target your customers where they are located.

  • Social Media Growth

There are actually billions of users who actively use social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. In the coming years, the numbers are only expected to grow which means that digital marketing will provide you with more opportunities to reach out to your audience. People share reviews and recommend products on various platforms as well.

During Covid19, a number of brands have managed to successfully gain the attention of consumers with meaningful hashtag trends, influencer collaborations or interactive videos.

To Sum Up

In the end, you cannot deny the importance of digital marketing in a post Covid19 world. While this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on traditional marketing, you may just have to shift your focus and budget towards digital mediums. It could have a hugely positive impact on the growth of your business and make more people familiar with your brand as well.

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