For so many local owners, their business is a culmination of their life experiences and an outlet for sharing a passion with those in the community. In 2023, sharing that same passion online has become equally as important, especially in a time when more than 85% of customers visit a business website before going through the door and can form an opinion on that business in less than one second.

Remind us again, which impression matters more? First or second?

A great example of two Somerset Hills purpose-driven local businesses teaming up to make a great first impression online is Bernardsville-based digital marketing agency King Willy Studios and Between The Ears (BTE) Fitness, a mind, body, and community-focused fitness center located in Far Hills, NJ. Their recent website work together earned them an honorable mention from Awwwards, recognizing the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world.

King Willy Studio’s Managing Director, Adam Sparrey, attributes their web design recognition to a very real understanding of BTE’s mission. “I think people are surprised to hear that our digital approaches often start with real, physical, in-person experience,” shared Sparrey. “We don’t believe you can effectively tell stories or create experiences about places you’ve never been.”


Pouring Sweat Into Recognize User Experience Design…Literally

BTE owners Bill and Karianne Anthes have also been pleased by the ways their online presence has been an invitation into real community. “Working with King Willy Studios has been something refreshingly different from previous web design experiences we’ve had,” shared Bill. “Adam attends Between The Ears Fitness and really understands our mission. This personal connection shines through in the website they created for us,”

The physical-digital collaboration began with in-depth discussion and actual workouts and session, where Sparrey and his team aimed to understand the core values and unique offerings of Between The Ears Fitness. This important process helped them sculpt a presence that truly resonates with the brand’s ethos.

“In the case of Between The Ears Fitness, our work together started with actual workouts and getting to know one another well before concepts and wireframes,” added Sparrey.


Real Recognize Real

The Awwwards platform is renowned for celebrating exceptional web design across various industries. Winning an Awwward, let alone receiving an honorable mention, is a significant achievement in the digital marketing world.

King Willy Studio’s work for Between The Ears Fitness was recognized by Awwwards for its innovative design, seamless user experience, and genuine representation of the fitness center’s values. The website stood out for its creative integration of elements that not only showcased the services offered but also fostered a sense of belonging within the BTE community.

The collaboration showcases how a local digital marketing agency, driven by a shared vision, can elevate a community-focused business to new heights of online success. The story of this partnership will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for other local businesses looking to show up authentically online.

In a world where digital marketing often feels impersonal, this partnership stands out.


A big thanks to Jerry Rizzo & Visit Bernardsville for the amazing write-up and to Awwwards for the honorable mention.