On July 7th, Threads (launched by Meta) has already surpassed 100 million users within the first 4 days of the platform going live. Threads is a microblogging platform that has become the new rival of Twitter. However, it combines elements of both Instagram and Facebook, creating the ability for users to connect with contacts they have on other social accounts. For social media users, it seems almost effortless to create a Threads account and become included in the program’s hype.

Elon Musk’s mismanagement of Twitter has been a popular topic of discussion within recent months. Many are questioning his purchase of the company and if he has the ability to successfully project it in the right direction. Twitter has seen multiple unexpected changes that haven’t appealed to the majority of users, like the monetization blue check verification, daily tweeting limits, and pointless updates. 

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Mark Zuckerberg and the Meta team seemingly took advantage of Twitter’s decline by releasing an identical microblogging platform. Threads is said to be, according to Zuckerberg and Moises, a “positive alternative to the frequent madness that people experience with Twitter.”

Threads is presenting it to be a “less angry place” where opinions can have opinions on topics they are interested in. With the interest-based algorithm, Threads provide a feed more simplistic and directly curated than that of Twitter. 

Considering Meta’s contribution to social media engineering, people are taking to Threads with a tenable amount of trust and certainty. Comparing Instagram’s 3 billion users to the 400 million Twitter users, Meta has the capability of reaching all the curious people who have never entered the microblogging hemisphere. “More importantly, 10s of millions of people now come back daily. That’s way ahead of what we expected,” Zuckerberg mentioned on Threads.

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Social media’s impact on society in 2023 is by far the most transformative invention in the last century. In the last 10 years of social media, society has proven its permanence for both personal and business usage. The separation of Threads being a “friendlier’ place for microblogging opens the door for people and businesses to showcase content in a fresh way. 

At King Willy, we highly prioritize the ability to engage with our clients’ audiences through all major social channels. Threads will be an extremely helpful asset for businesses and individuals looking for an additional way to obtain new customers. Grabbing the attention of new clients without the risk of attracting undesirable comments from uninterested people. The format of Thread is useful for providing informational content and providing current links for people to view. This is all exciting news for social media marketers because now we have more opportunities to explore possibilities of engagement on channels catered to a wider range of audiences.

If Threads becomes as popular as it’s already predicted to be, Twitter will be an obsolete platform for scaling out legitimate content. Meta business suite already caters to professionals from all industries, facilitating a sufficient program using Instagram, facebook and that can maximize outreach and maintain management. Who’s to say they didn’t do it once again with another social platform? This is another moment in the digital age where we will see how a social society can shift. Perhaps Threads don’t catch on and people inevitably stick to the platforms they are used to. As the tech world becomes more advanced and new digital inventions persist, the expansion of social media will happen and it is important we figure out how to adapt.