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Lupa Apothecary is a store that offers thoughtfully curated products to holistically improve all parts of us, body, mind, and soul.

Most of Lupa’s products are women owned, ethical, sustainable, and created with the positive intentions to strengthen and empower us in all ways. Lupa Apothecary needed a brand identity to correctly portray the meaning of her business. Brands that have a positive message, are women owned, and are connected by the common thread of being a little bit witchy and protecting your energy are all things that you can find in Lupa, and they needed an online presence to match. To enhance the feel of the store we created the logo design to reflect the products they sell and the overall vibe of the store. We created the store-front signage to grab the attention of nearby residents and get them into the store. We then took photographs of the products for showcasing on social media and for e-commerce sales. Facebook and Instagram posts helped drive customers to Lupa’s store and buy products online. Although a new store in a small town, Lupa is able to maintain a large number of sales and in-store traffic.


Lupa Apothecary


2020 - Present


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