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Vera Wine & Spirits imports and distributes wines and products from privately owned, often family estate wineries and farms that are truly unique and incredibly enjoyable.

Vera carries products that represent the culture, tradition, and food culture of their origins, especially those that are deemed non-commercial or too small by large national marketers of wine, liquor, and beer brands. Having a brand that is unique and consistent is important for any business. Vera Wine and Spirits needed a rebranding to jump start their growing company. The logo was outdated and needed an identity to help reach more buyers and vineyards. By creating a unique personality for Vera’s brand, we were able to bring their company into the 21st century. As the company grew, we developed a brand that could maintain the sophisticated feel of a wine distributor yet keep it playful enough to grab the attention of new potential customers. We were able to give the perfect personality for Vera using colors and hues that correlate with wine and wine enthusiasts. We used captivating videos and incredible photography to display the wines and vineyards on the website.


Vera Wine & Spirits


2020 - Present


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