The End of Hootsuite

After using Hootsuite, a popular social media management app, for five years, we received a phone call saying they are “sunsetting” our plan. We were excited to hear what the added features were going to be, however, we were disappointed to learn there would be no added features. Since there was nothing was added and there were no improvements, we were curious what the difference with the new plan would be. We were shocked to learn that the only difference would be paying $695 more per month with the yearly total being $8,340. This is the equivalent of buying a burger in January for $5.80, then going back in February and being charged $144.80 for the same burger. Hootsuite’s stay at the top of this competitive market may be nearing the end following such an astronomical rise in price.

If you’re going to raise your prices:

  • Improve the perceived value
  • Make it obvious to customers what changes / improvements are being made
  • Do thorough market research on competitors’ prices and make sure you’re in the same ballpark

King Willy doesn’t just offer improvements to your business through our services, we analyze your business and put a thorough marketing initiative in place to help you reach your business goals.