Do you still use a fax machine? If you live in the 21st century and are reading this blog, you most likely answered “no.”

While meeting with a client, we noticed a fax machine overflowing with ads. 12 ads had come in on that day alone. Upon looking at the ads, it was clear that they were randomly sent out to whoever may still own a fax machine. There was absolutely no targeting involved in sending out these ads. The information was so outdated that it listed a man who has been deceased for ten years. One ad offered a line of credit for $227,000 and required sensitive personal information to be sent back, through fax, for this offer. Considering how untouched the fax machine our client had was, it is unbelievable to think anyone would be comfortable sending their personal information through a device that can be accessed by anyone who happens to pass by. Other ads promoted big loans.

Zero fax given.

At this current day and age, getting a loan through a fax seems to be one of the least secure methods, that many probably do not know is still available. With current technology and resources, fax machines are outdated. We use targeted ads through market research to appeal to the correct audience based on their age, location, search and purchase history, and page and article likes. We then deliver branded, timely messages through secure websites, email marketing, social ads, and Google ads.