A toast to good business practice, and a frown to those that let us down when we are in need. Just recently I was on the search for an electrician. Normally the circumstances that warrant the need for an electrician to come out are some that are serious or an emergency in some cases. This was after calling about 18 different places. Let me tell you how it all went down. Out of the 18 places I called, only 3 answered. Of those 3, only 1 person came out! Speaking to some of the electricians on the phone, I came to realize that anybody else viewing these Google results and calling these places would be going through the same frustration that I did.

I was browsing these electrician websites where on the web they seem to be up and running. But only a few were actually in business and one of them even claimed to be out of business for YEARS!

All of the Google My Biz information was inaccurate and did not resemble any up to date information. This led to frustration, as I went down the list trying to hope that one of these electricians was showcasing accurate information for their web presence.

Even just trying to get a call back proved difficult, as there were phones that had no voice mail to even leave a message. Going on these websites just led to more frustration, as you can imagine. The websites were slow, outdated, and worst of all showcased wrong information!

It is essential to ensure your information is accurate and reflective of your current state of operation. This allows the people who are in genuine need of services. To find and access the services or resources for whatever it may be that they need. It is almost selfish to neglect your website and to leave it up and running and flooding the search engine with an inaccurate representation of results. At King Willy Studios, we strive for good business practices and ensure that not only do we represent our information properly, but that we represent our client’s information and services properly and up to date on their websites. We also ensure any SEO is implemented and to good standards to allow for new clientele or customers to access your website.