On average, 50% of enterprises with fewer than 20 employees are still in operation after 10 years. Employees in SMEs (small and medium enterprises) are overwhelmingly older. In the past decade, the number of self-employed individuals aged 20-39 has decreased. Although the number of those over 50 has steadily increased. SMEs are safer places to work in general. Having places like this are essential to have in our present-day society. Being a virtue, Freshbook is an essential mark in the way these places of employment are handled.

Freshbooks is U.S. based. Signifying that everything is created in-house. Which we represent at King Willy. 

Key features that Freshbooks provides are distinct types of support such as emails, live in application chatting, or calling. Their award-winning support team picking up the phone within a matter of 4 rings.

You want something that attracts people to come back for more. Prioritizing your customers with the information they need at a rate that is quick and effective. That’s the essence of something such. That’s the result of being a dynamic business. Freshbooks is at its prime but isn’t a one-of-a-kind application. They do have competitors such as Quickbooks. With their crummy customer support and prices rocking too high. Their company’s rates don’t compare to the quality and effectiveness that Freshbooks has.

Although everyone has competitors in their own line of business. Being on top and providing unique features. That’s what shines brightly on the customer base. Adding to the effectiveness of the company, Freshbooks’ sleek platform provides its customers with high-end customer service, blog posts, and podcasts.  At King Willy, we provide a wide range of features to help our clients out in any which way. Whether that be branding, a photoshoot, special/visual effects, social media, or SEO created for their audience. There are endless opportunities for what we can create within the walls of our creative studio. Going hand in hand with the guidelines that Freshbooks plays by to make your small business smoother to run, both us here at King Willy and Freshbooks provide our customers/clients with the expertise they need.