A special thank you to our community and all those who helped us grow.

With the New Year around the corner, we would like to take a look back at what a hectic year it has been. For us at King Willy Studios, and our business partners, we all have been affected to some degree as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses had to close due to the strict and tight regulations, and even we at King Willy Studios realized the state of affairs we were headed in.

As waving the white flag loomed on the horizon, we realized that our partners depended on us. In fact, we realized that we would not have even been able to get to the point we are at without our business partners and our community.

With our faces caked in dirt and our computers in the trenches, we continued on and relied heavily on delivering quality products to our partners and customers. When engaging in any business with King Willy, we want you to realize that you are not just getting any one-off product and we send you on your way. Rather, we want to fight to keep your business up and running and we do that by ensuring your online presence is as top-notch and competitive as possible. King Willy is only as successful as the business partners in which we engage with. We know with so many things to worry about, we want to make sure that your online presence is the least of your worries. King Willy Studios is constantly doing research on the market and what new best practices and strategies for marketing and design are best. When working with your site or business, we encourage you to always come in and break bread with King Willy. We strive for long-term success for your business and want you to know that King Willy is a community-based business, aiming to help better our communities’ local businesses and their web presence.

With all of the above being said, we wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year and want everybody to know that King Willy is on your side fighting in the trenches to ensure your success. Thank you all who helped make King Willy what it is today. For that we are forever grateful and look forward to our continued success as business partners, bettering our community one step at a time.

The creative process at King Willy

When the world is in the current condition it is now, having an online presence and quality website is more important than ever before. Many people are stuck at home browsing away online and if your website does not catch the attention of a potential customer, then you could be missing out on a lot of unrealized profit. Here at King Willy Studios, we want to ensure no stone is left behind when maximizing your business goals. In order for us to do that, we rely on our in-house specialists that come from extensive backgrounds in the field of marketing and web design and development.

Market Research

The beginning. At King Willy, we begin with industry research. We need to know exactly what the audience and target market we are appealing to is like. After discussing at length what services you seek and what vision you have for the final product, we begin rolling our sleeves up and digging deep into market and industry research. Some markets differ in what is digestible by that industry’s audience, and more often than not, trends come and go so it is imperative that you stay on top of current trends and ideally have contacts in the industry to better assess what the competition is looking like.

After consulting with our partners and industry experts, we begin looking at a color scheme and overall design. It is usually at this point an exchange of creative ideas and materials is shared between our client and us. When we engage with our clients or prospective long-term business partner, we aim to offer solid advice from years of experience on what works and what doesn’t. With whatever materials you present to us, whether it be a brochure or a logo, we always offer ideas or suggestions on what might be tweaked or redesigned to better serve your audience.

In some cases, our team may spend a significant amount of time even just making sure the color is perfect, as we believe colors signify stories, and colors in your brand can lead to a novel in the minds of your clients. So long as they associate your logo, your brand, and your services as superior to the competition, your branding will remain a key icon of what your business is about. Of course, when you work with King Willy, we leave no stone left behind. We want to make positive the audience understands your company’s brand and message clearly and concisely upon viewing.

Designing the product

At this point we usually have an idea of what we are working with and have already begun to design the final end product. All our efforts are focused on every aspect of the end product. Our SEO specialists start from the beginning, looking at trends that will be hitting your target market. Our designers, working side by side with our developers make sure that every piece of content and materials for your online presence is suited for best and maximum return. This means designing the product for example a website with SEO in mind to ensure keywords are being hit by who you are targeting as your audience for your website. We also work side by side with the client to ensure everything we do fits their idea in mind.


After a working product whether that be a website or a piece of marketing material, comes to completion(or so we think), we begin discussing what needs to be tweaked and refined to ensure that no loose bolts result in a broken website. Many times we’ve come across clients with previous websites that have had numerous broken links, which is a result of bad quality assurance, so we work with our clients to ensure that before launching the final product, everything is working perfectly and smoothly.


At this point, we usually celebrate with our clients what a good job we’ve done together. It is important to remember that we can not do anything without the client’s continuous help and ideally with our need to deliver a quality product, you decide to become a business partner with us. In doing so, we always monitor your site and make sure that any changes or additions or whatever it may be that your business needs, we deliver when you need it.