The average American who commutes to and from an urban workplace will spend 54 hours sitting in traffic per year. This is according to recent statistics from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Urban Mobility Scorecard. Although no one can avoid these dull moments, checking out your latest mobile feed on your cell is always a bonus while moving slow and steady.

Being stuck in traffic, I was served an Adidas advertisement due to my browsing history, 2 clicks with Apple Pay, my shoes were purchased, then they were delivered the next day.

Further on, All in a simple traffic jam to pass time, you have your new crisp sneakers to make your jam worthwhile. Receiving well-framed advertising posts marketed towards the consumer, quality design, and effortless checkout. This equals a splendid recipe for increasing the purchase rate of a specific consumer product. Luckily, Apple Pay is one of the advanced mobile payment technologies. Mobile wallets have infiltrated digital commerce, offering a way to streamline checkout across desktop, mobile web, and apps. Of 900 million iOS installs worldwide, an estimated 383 million users (43%) have enabled Apple Pay.

Continuing, We at King Willy find it crucial to have creative advertising appear via the mobile, web, and public spaces to promote our clients’ products. Providing you with cultured experts to guide you in achieving all aspects of business strategy and promoting your brand. Coinciding, King Willy puts you in a place to reach your goals and help you thrive whether it’s short-term or long-term. Our approach is stemmed from Culture Strategy, staying ahead of current trends that will boost you and your business. We solve business problems with design. Together, we define and execute digital strategies that combine design, content, and technology to create relevant brand experiences. we salute you!